Shealing Home Fast Facts

  • An 1-12 school founded in 1996, Shealing Homes English School prepares students for the M.P Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE),
  • The School's overarching goal is to provide a unique experience that enables children to enjoy the learning process and bring out their full potential. The all-round development of children is at the heart of the School's every educational endeavour and we seek to accomplish this by providing state-of-the-art learning facilities and resources, and the opportunity to engage in an eclectic mix of activities and interests;
  • The School strives to equip children to think and act critically, to be creative in their responses, to be able to engage with the forces of change, and to develop a strong awareness of their history and traditions as well as their place in the global context. In achieving this, the School synthesizes internationally acclaimed pedagogical practices with India's rich educational heritage and seeks to cultivate ethical and responsible citizenship;
  • The School believes that talented and dedicated teachers with national, linguistic and cultural diversity will play a central role in enhancing children's learning outcomes. Our faculty members comprise an excellent mix of experience at leading schools in India, and those who have grown and proved themselves in our system over the years. The School has over 30 teachers, administrative and support staff;
  • The first ----- batches of our MPBSE students have achieved remarkable results in their examinations.
  • During the last six years, our SHES students have gained admission to the India's leading colleges and  top universities.

    In 2010, our School received Associate Membership of DNA (). With over --- Member Schools, DNA works towards offering students the best possible education by promoting professional and personal links amongst educators in the field of science and nature;
  • Our students have brought laurels to the School by winning in many sporting and non-sporting events at the district, state, and national levels.;
  • Through exchange programmes, the School encourages students to discover a new curriculum and ways of learning, ability to adapt and be part of a whole new world and experience, expose them to various cultural contexts and provide opportunities for social service.
  • In the furtherance of our objective to adopt the best practices in teaching, some of our faculty members have recently undergone the training programmes with Educom and other reputed institute.

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