Annual Activity 2014 -15

1 Independence Day 15-Aug Solo Dance Competition (I-XII)
2 Teacher's Day 5-Sep  
3 Raksha Bandhan Closest Saturday to the Date (I-V) & SK
4 Janmanshtami Closest Saturday to the Date Krishna Sajja (I-V), Jhanki (VI-VIII), SK
5 Hindi Diwas 14-Sep Calligraphy (I-V), Essay(VI-VIII), Debate(IX-XII)
6 Parent's Day 18-Jan or II Saturday Best Out of Waste (SK & I-V), Sci. Exhibition (VI-XII)
7 Grand Parent's Day 27-Jan Fancy Dress (SK & I-XII)
8 Basant Panchami As per Calendar Flower Decoration (I-V), Solo Singing (VI-XII)
9 Republic Day 26-Jan Group Dance In Stadium
10 Childrens' Day 14-Nov Children Fun Fair
11 Pravesh Utsav Result Day Various Competitions for mothers.
12 STA 1-May  
13 Science Exhibition 18-Jan (Parent's Day)  
14 Sports Week Dec Sports For Girls, Boys Juniors & Seniors (SK & I-XII)
15 Health Check Up Champ Per Semester One  
16 Oath Ceremony On the Session Day I-XII
17 Picnic September (SK & I-V)
18 Excursion November (VI-XII)
19 Seminars Dec (XI-XII)
20 Green Day July (I-XII, SK)
21 Kite Day April (I-XII, SK)
22 Medical Counselling Per Semester One  
23 Solo Singing Competition Basant Panchamai (VI-XII)
24 Solo Dance Competition 15-Aug (I-XII)
25 Fancy Dress Competition 27-Jan (SK & I-XII)
26 Cooking Competition 1-Jan (IX-XII)
27 Shealing Ek Minute 1-Jan (VI-VIII)
28 Best Out of Waste 18-Jan (SK & I-V)
29 Open Talk Show October (First Week) (I-XII)
30 Quiz Competition Dec (VI-XII)
31 Debate   (IX-XII)
32 Rangoli Deepawali (VI-XII)Girls
33 Poster Making   (I-XII)
34 Calligraphy Hindi Diwas (SK & I-V)
35 Poem Recitation   (SK & I-V)
36 Essay Writing Hindi Diwas (VI-VIII)
37 Prefects Election April (I-XII)
38 Student's Management , Committee Formation April (IX-XII)
39 Spelling Competition   (SK & I-VIII)
40 Garden Visit 12-Jan (I-XII)
41 Surya Namashkar 12-Jan (IV-XII)
42 Flower Decoration Competition Basant Panchamai (I-V)
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